A new class
of drugs to treat
solid tumors

Aummune is a clinical stage company developing a first-of-its-kind approach for individualized treatment of solid tumors. Our proprietary platform utilizes a unique efficacy-driven selection process to match and produce a patient-specific tri-functional oligonucleotide drug that safely and synergistically induces cancer cell death and activates both innate and adaptive immune responses

individualized immunotherapy

Variable Strand

A tumor-targeting arm, selected for its
ability to bind the patient’s cancer cells
and induce cancer cell death while
avoiding effects on healthy tissue


A CpG-rich domain that fuses
the two strands and induces
Antigen Presenting Cells
stimulation through TLR9

Constant Strand

Engages immune effector
T cells, leading to
tumor cell lysis

Tailoring the variable strand
to every patient

Sample processing

Propagating tumor cell samples
to generate 3D organoids

Efficacy-driven selection

Aummune’s platform screens the aptamer pool, selecting for a desired biological effect


The individually tailored therapy is administered to the patient

Personal drug assembly

Selected aptamer is manufactured and the individual therapeutic batch is assembled

Aummune’s benefits

New class of
therapy for
solid tumors

validated efficacy

Broad spectrum
of cancer

clinical data

AM003 – New class of individualized immunotherapy

AM003 is a unique, individualized therapy that has been designed to directly induce tumor cell death as well as to stimulate an anti-tumor immune response. The first-in-human Phase 1 is evaluating the safety and tolerability of AM003 in an open-label, multicenter, dose-escalation study of patients with locally advanced/metastatic solid tumors.

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